Doubts on some BIOS settings in APU2C4

  • Hi,

    I have an APU2C4 with OPNsense OS.
    I have a wle200nx wifi card in each miniPCI express slot (mPCIe1 and mPCIe2).

    In the coreboot firmware (v4.14.0.6) I have configured the following options:

    • Force mPCIe2 slot CLK (GPP3 PCIe) (ENABLED)
    • PCIe power management features (ENABLED)

    I would like to know if enabling these options is recommendable and safe.

    Thanks for all your work <3

  • Hello apraile

    These settings are safe to us. Force mPCIe2 slot CLK (GPP3 PCIe) is mostly meant for mPCIe modules that need it to work correctly. Otherwise it may increase your power usage somewhat, but it's still safe.

    PCIe power management features is also safe and recommendable as long as your mPCIe modules work fine with it, and it may help reduce power usage of the system. If you're experiencing weird crashes or errors, it may help to disable this setting.

    Please let me know if you have any more questions.