APU2C4 BIOS clock?

  • Hi

    I've not used my APU2C4 for quite a while, but decided to re-use for a project. The issue I have is that if it's powered off and unplugged (such as in the event of a power cut) from the mains for 20+ minutes, the time reverts to a date in February 2017.

    I've replaced the CMOS battery (LR44) with a new working battery and reset the time in the OS that I installed. However, the time still reverts to February 2017.

    The OS that's installed is licensed from 2020, so it hangs waiting for a valid license to be entered. I do have a license that covers 2017, but that doesn't help when I'm away.

    Can I set the time in the BIOS like you can on a PC or server?


  • Hhi fredfox ,

    Unfortunately there is no option to set the clock from inside the BIOS. As a workaround, could try netbooting a Linux distro via the builtin iPXE and set the clock from there.

    I'll ask if we could add this option to the BIOS menu, as it seems to be an important feature.