APU3D4: sim-missing after firmware upgrade

  • Hi,

    did setup a gsm router/WiFi hotspot with my APU3D4.
    Everything did work fine until I decided to update the firmware. (was obviously a bad decision)
    Now I don't get the modem up and running because of

    state: failed

    failed reason: sim-missing

    Any idea how to solve this problem ?

    Thank you for any help

    Kind Regards


  • Hi computersalat ,

    Can you provide some details:

    - which firmware version you were running before

    - which firmware version you updated to

    - which modem are you using

    Some possible fixes that come to mind:

    - Test the modem in the mSATA slot

    - Swap the SIM card slots

    - Enter BIOS Setup menu and disable "PCIe power management features"

    - Enter BIOS Setup menu and enable "Force mPCIe2 slot CLK (GPP3 PCIe)"