APU3 PCI Express slot

  • Hello,

    Are the PCI Express side slot connectors on all APU3 enabled and able to be used with proper connection, or do they have to be special ordered? Considering picking up one.

    If I read the system specs right, that should be equivalent to a PCIe x1 2.0 slot so limited to 500MB/s ?

  • Hi, rahlquist,

    there is a table about apu3 PCIe slots and their usage:

    J16 (mPCIe1)

    USB, PCIe

    USB and Wifi modules

    J15 (mPCIe2)

    USB, SIM1

    only LTE modules

    J14 (mPCIe3/mSATA)

    mSATA, USB, SIM2

    mSATA disks and LTE modules

    About mPCIe speed you’re right - mini PCI-e equates to PCI-e x1 2.0. Hope it'll help!