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    The tinycore linux offered by Pcengines for the APU2 is excellent. But the applications are really minimalist. Tinycore has hundreds of applications ready, but there is a problem. All the tce commands (tce, tce-ab etc.) return the same message : Don't run this as root. Fine, but I am root and there is no logout command. The documentation of Tinycore Linux does not offer any help. I would like to install nano and if possible, mc, parted. Until now I have never found a way to do it.


    I am using SD Cards for development, because it is easier to make a backup, send a card to someone else, etc.

    I have worked for one year on APU2c3 with a bios version 1.10. No problem.

    I purchased recently another unit (the fifth one, now), and it has a Bios version 1.14. I tried to start with the card, no problem but just for the first time. After that, impossible to boot on the card. On the 1.10 Bios it was working fine, but not on the 1.14. The vendor informed me of the -j parameter. I tried to set it on, and the unit booted well. After working for some time I wanted to make a backup of the card with HDDRawCopy on my PC. Impossible. Lots of unreadable sectors. I then tried to read the card on the 1.10 Bios, impossible. I don't remember everything but the final stage is that the card, after some errors fix on bootup, is now working in the 1.14 only.

    I made some tests with new cards, and the result is the same :

    1. flash the card
    2. boot on 1.10 version : OK
    3. boot on 1.14 version without -j parameter : Fails
    4. boot on 1.14 version with -j parameter : Works fine
    5. Try to boot on 1.10 : impossible. Sometimes it shows a message from grub, but generally it fails totally.

    I don't think it is a normal situation. Such incompatibility is a bug. Is it possible to flash a different Bios on these units ?

    I send a message to the technical support. The only answer I got is " You should not boot on SD Cards, they are not good for that". So explain me why I have done so for years on Raspberry Pis ? And for more than one year on the 1.10 APU2 ? I am using only high endurance cards, and I made a six month test : the card supported 1200 full cycles.

    Thanks if you have any suggestion. It will be difficult to collaborate with others with only the SSD.