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    I have an APU 1D4. I was running the Build 4/5/2014 (current production) from

    I have been having issues getting it to work installing debian via USB. It was never displaying the grub menu, and after some research people said updating the firmware fixed it.

    When I searched for APU1 firmware, I came across this:

    So I installed apu1_v4.15.0.2.rom with the same method I used to test the different BIOS in on the apu1d4.htm page:

    I went ahead and ran it again with the boardmismatch=force option and upon reboot it didn't see any drives. I pressed F10 and then went into setup and saved settings, then it seemed to work, but now I'm concerned, especially with this: "This coreboot image (PC Engines:apu1) does not appear to be correct for the detected mainboard (PC Engines:APU)."

    Did I mess up?