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    Most internet connections are 1Gbit max, APU being a firewall will not really need it, and if I order the one above 1Gbit, it jumps straight to 10Gbit (but that is like €100+ a month). Then again, if it has multiple ports it can be rather handy for routing the home network, especially if power and costs are almost the same.

    Faster cpu is likely needed for 2.5Gbit. There are options like Ryzen 1102G (2c2t, 6 watt), 1305G (2c4t, 8 watt). Going up there is a 1505G (quadcore) buit bulk price is something like $90 which seems high if you do not want to pay a hefty premium. Then there are V1500B and R1600 (also 4c Ryzen, but 12-25 watt tdp) but they do have dual 10Gbit options and 8 pcie lanes to use. Not sure about the price but Sapphire has these on boards that start at ~€180.

    Other option if AMD is not required (probably not?) then there is Intel x6200FE, 3×2.5Gbit in it for 4.5 watt, around €40 per 1000 (2c2t). The quadcore is 9 watt, same deal, but 45-47 per 1000 from what I can find, 4 pcie lanes to use freely. Must be other cpu options there. There also is a 3rd gen of G-series soc. Seems most if not all are dualcore, but mostly higher frequencies.

    Nice to have would be a B+M key M.2 socket, gives the option of either sata or NMVe. Probably sata, because if there are only 4 lanes free to use, that means all lanes go to storage when sata is fast enough, 2 lanes would be enough if NVMe is needed at all. Then 2 lanes can go to a M.2 E-key socket.

    My wishlist of what I am guessing is feasible:

    - max ~10 watt tdp cpu, AES instructions

    - 2/3×2.5Gbit (add in 2/3× 1Gbit Intel if possible if any extra lanes)

    - 1 E-key M.2

    - 1 M.2 for storage, B-key (1 sata port for flexibility maybe)

    - POE for attached devices

    - updated serial port maybe?

    - If any lanes available, a ×1 pcie port, on the side (maybe a fitting case for 1 low slot, can add anything you like, sata controller, extra wifi card, sim slot, very flexible, might attract the sbc crowd that otherwise uses the ARM boards if price is not too high). Maybe this over adding Gbit ports on the board, can be done using this slot.

    And a separate AP, tiny, just 1×2.5Gbit port (POE if possible), 1× E-key slot, 1× B-key slot. Just use the same cpu, same parts as much as possible. Then I can attach 2 of these to the APU with whatever software I want.

    The current cpu they have can be ordered up until 2023, last deliveries in 2024. No real rush?

    Then again, if it takes a year to design, having the new one ready when the last order date arrives might be prudent.