What does 'preserve runtime configuration' mean when flashing the BIOS?

  • My two APU4D4s are currently on BIOS and working fine, but I see that there have been some important fixes in the 4.14.x series. While reviewing the upgrade instructions, there is a note about 'preserving the runtime configuration' during the flashrom process when using and later.

    What does this mean, and more importantly, what must I do instead if I'm not currently on or later?

  • Hello kpfleming

    'preserve runtime configuration' means preserving the boot order and BIOS settings when flashing the BIOS. If you're on FW before, there's nothing extra you need to do while updating, your settings will be overwritten as before. From it's possible to update to newer versions without overwriting the BIOS settings by addding the parameter `--fmap -i COREBOOT` to flashrom while updating.