Change bios settings from Linux userland

  • Is it possible to change bios settings from Linux userland?

    I found the coreboot nvramtool but it seems I need a CMOS layout file. I've found several in the coreboot source tree, but none seem complete and all show checksum errors.

    We're on 4.14 and going to 4.15.


    -- Christopher

  • charlieh0tel

    We don't actually store the BIOS settings in CMOS, we store them in the BIOS Flash instead.

    We now have a tool for changing BIOS settings in a coreboot binary from Linux:

    To use it, you need to:

    - Read the current BIOS using flashrom -p internal -r bios.rom

    - Run cb-order bios.rom and change the settings

    - Write the changed bios using flashrom:

    - For apu2-6 running firmware or later: flashrom -p internal -w bios.rom --fmap -i BOOTORDER

    - For everything else: flashrom -p internal -w bios.rom