mPCIe Slot 2 on apu4d4 ?

  • Is there known issues with with APU4 (apu4d4) "mPCIe 2" slot? Or do I perhaps have a faulty board (?)

    I've been using M.2 NVMe SSD and Intel AX200 modules on APU2 (apu2e4) without issues, using M.2 to mini-PCIe adapter boards that allow mounting 2230/2242 size M.2 cards...

    However, when I put together a new system using apu4d4, I noticed that second mPCIe slot didn't detect either card (both cards are detected/working fine on a apu2).

    I'm using latest BIOS (v4.14.0.3). Also I tested BIOS options "Force mPCIe2 slot CLK (GPP3 PCIe)" and "PCIe power management features" but neither had no effect. NVMe is not detected by Coreboot when in slot2, but does get detected when in slot1... ("lspci" in Linux never shows the device in slot2, either...)

  • Hi tjko,

    mPCIe2 slot on apu4d does not have PCIe signals routed there. That is why you cannot use the NVMe or WiFi card there. Refer to page 8 of the schematics: or check out the mPCIe slot capabilities on the documentation page:…

    The PCIe signals that are routed to the mPCIe2 slot on apu2 are used for the 4th Ethernet controller on apu4.

    Best regards