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    these are my wishes for an APU2 successor from a personal users point of view. I have a small number of devices deployed.

    - high Quality 2.5G NICs (could make use of models with 2 to 5 NICs, but 3 suffice most of the time)

    - faster CPU with same level of power consumption (to accelerate some networking workloads up to 1G wirespeed or higher)

    Nice to have:

    - M.2 Slot with four PCIe Lanes for NVMe Storage (instead of mSATA, which became old)

    - PCIe Slot for external Hardware

    (edit)- IEEE 802.3 PoE (to power the APU itself would be most useful, but the APU powering other devices is also nth)

    - integrated programmable Ethernet switch

    Features we already have, I dont want to miss and hope they get even better over time:

    - Coreboot Firmware

    - ECC Memory

    - AES Hardware Acceleration

    - 4GB RAM (or more)

    - low Power usage

    - good Stability