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    I just received a new APU2E4 board from PCEngines today. I discovered that it has Coreboot from 20170228 and SeaBIOS rel., so I am wondering if it would be advisable to update this to the latest firmware? Should I use, and is it as simple as this?

    • Install TinyCore to a USB stick
    • Copy the .rom file to the USB stick
    • Boot from the USB stick

    First-time user of a brand new APU2E4. I have used a USB stick to install OPNSense to my MSATA. I also have an SD card inserted. When I boot, if I do not press F10 and choose the SSD to boot, the system just hangs on

    1. PCEngines apu2
    2. coreboot build 20170228
    3. 4080 MB ECC DRAM
    4. SeaBIOS (version rel-
    5. Press F10 key now for boot menu
    6. Booting from Hard Disk...

    I am guessing this is because it tries to boot from the blank SD card. If I choose the SSD, the system boots fine. I installed the system to SSD because I assumed this was better than SD (and it is recommended on the PCEngines page). How can I change the boot order so that the machine boots from the SSD instead of hanging?