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    First of all, I am a fan of APU boards, they have quality, low power consumption and are very durable, nothing to do with Chinese quality, I have installed more than 100 APUs in the last years and they are still working almost without problems.

    But there is a problem, in my country it is common to have 1Gb fibers, and also with PPOE, I am also a fan of Pfsense, and FreeBSD still has the problem that only uses a core for the PPOE protocol, so the performance leaves much to be desired, also before with the 2.4x version of Pfsense could be optimized to reach up to 450Mbs downstream and about 550 upstream, now with 2. 5 can not optimize anything and stays at about 350/450, much less than what can give any fiber connection today, I have seen that the HP thinclient T730, carry a very similar processor, the RX427 and this gives much better results, being able to reach 1Gb/1Gb almost without problems, so I encourage you to consider you to take some new model more powerful, because I do not want to stay without my APUs but nevertheless I will have to do it if there is no movement.